Cryptocurrencies Today And Tomorrow!

The world is becoming a global village. Countries are now adopting a cashless economic policy. The policy provides the most convenient ways of transacting business without the hassles of carrying huge cash around. One of such ways is the use of cryptocurrencies.

There are so many types of cryptocurrencies, but the first and most popular is bitcoin.

How do you own a bitcoin?
There are basically two ways to own it. Either you buy it on an exchange or you mine it using specialized mining equipment.

Most cryptocurrency holders don’t know the value. Many of them buy it as a form of investment. While this is a wise decision, it should also be noted that it can be used for so many transaction purposes.

What transactions can you use your bitcoin for?
Payment of utility bills
Yes, it is very possible for bitcoin users to pay utility bills with their bitcoins. You do not have to leave the comfort of your home to get the payment done. You can get it done using your mobile phone alone. There is a mobile app that has the functionality for paying utility bills with cryptocurrency.

Payment for travel packages
You can use your bitcoins to pay for travel expenses. Many travel agencies now accept it for the payment of air tickets, and booking of accommodation. It is very convenient for them because it prevents the challenges of having to pay by cash or check.

Payment for vehicle purchases
Automobile sales outlets now accept bitcoins for payment of their vehicles. The reason for their embrace of the cryptocurrency is not far fetched. It is due to the safety associated with it, compared to having to transfer or carry a huge amount of money around.

Payment for goods and services
Many businesses and shops accept it for payment of goods and services. Any outlet you see with a signboard that says, “Bitcoin accepted here”, truly accepts it.

All these are possible, due to the mobile app developed to support cryptocurrencies. All you need to do, as a bitcoin user, is to open the app on your mobile phone and click “Pay with Bitcoin”.

Why you need this app
Apart from app supporting cryptocurrencies, it also helps in the following ways:

As a money manager
It helps you track your income and expenses in one place. This app has a feature that helps you manage your money. This is a very good way to plan your budget and set your goals. It has an artificial intelligence that analyzes income and expenses.

Exchange rates tracker
This app has a functionality that converts cryptocurrency balance to a base currency automatically and shows the amount you own.

Prompt payment of bills
You already know that you can pay your utility bills with your phone, thanks to this app. Well, the additional benefit of this is that, it helps you avoid late payment of bills, and prevent the penalties associated with late payment.
This app does not support only bitcoins. Other cryptocurrencies it supports are Litecoin (LTC), Zencash (ZEN), Ethereum(ETH), Ethereum Classic(ETC) and Crown(CRW).


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