Welcome to the exclusive home of the Johanson Indicizer System.  This set of two electronic testers measure the essential material flow properties of powdered bulk solids. The Indicizer System can help you solve flow problems, evaluate processes, design equipment and improve quality control programs.

If you would like to find out how the Indicizers can help or if you want to gain a basic solids flow education we suggest doing the following: 

  • First, download and read through the Indicizer Application Guide. This guide draws upon the 40 years of solids flow handling experience of Dr. Jerry R. Johanson, the inventor of this technology. This 20 page booklet summarizes dozens of articles written by Dr. Johanson describing how to apply the data generated by the Indicizers (Indices)to solve material handling problems. 

  • Visit the Indicizer System link at the top of the page to get more detailed information on each tester. 

  • If you want more detailed information on solids flow fundamentals visit our library of articles located under the Technical Papers section of the site. There you will find articles explaining the use of bulk solids flow properties and details about various processes and problems.

  • Or if you want to read about how other companies are using the Indicizers to solve their problems, link to the Case Histories page.

  • Then, when you want to find out how the Indicizers will help with your specific application please download, fill out and fax back an Indicizer Application Data Sheet. We will then be able to show you how the Indicizers can help you avoid costly material handling problems and improve product flow consistency.